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"True loss is for him whose days have been spent in utter ignorance of Self"

I think awareness of true self is the spirit of life. Counselling can be a way for the person to achieve awareness about his or her wholeness as a person. The analogy of a rosebush may demonstrate my understanding of this true Self. A seed is the potential of a rosebush. The seed is put in soil, with the right amount of earth, heat and water. The development of that seed is a process which requires an ideal environment, until we can see the shoot of the seed coming up to reach its full potential as a rosebush. The good or bad environment surely has a great impact for the seed to grow, but the essence of that seed is pure to grow as a rosebush. The human potentialities which are hidden within him need the awareness of the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of his being. They must be developed in an environment which is free from the internal and external chains of life difficulties in order to experience different aspects of his life, and discover the mysteries of each part of his being.

I believe that people hold great potential within them but sometimes the tests and difficulties of life make it hard for that potential to come to light and show itself. Therapy can help identify and release that potential by paying particular attention to our feelings and needs. These feelings and challenges are all part of the process of the journey of therapy and together within a confidential and safe space we can talk about them and think more deeply about your life and your experiences. My role as a therapist is to accompany you on this journey. The primary purposes of our therapy are to reduce suffering, develop coping skills, to accept responsibilities and simply to make life better for your family.

Why not take this opportunity to talk through at your own pace the issues on your mind in a safe and confidential space?

My counselling is available face to face as well as through skype in English or Farsi languages.

If you are homebound I am happy to visit you in your home.

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