Counselling Service
  • I received my degree from Nottingham University BA-Honours Humanistic Counselling.
  • I worked with blind people in the school for the blind in China for 6 years.
  • I worked with people suffering from sexual abuse from their childhood.
  • I can provide an empathic, non-judgmental, and confidential space in which we can explore the issues which concern you together.
  • The issues can range from low- self-esteem, depression, relationship, bullying, addictions, bereavement, anger-management, anxiety, sexual abuse, and disability issues.
  • I am aware of the equality of opportunity for different individuals and how to provide counselling appropriate to their needs.

My own experience illustrates the rosebush example. When I had to face blindness, I resisted accepting the fact that I had become physically disabled and would have to change my way of life. I believed I couldn’t live without my sight. Perhaps that was my own script which I was brought up with or it was a cultural influence. I remember, in that culture a woman or a girl to be blind was a disaster for the family and that blind person had no future, no rights and somebody had to look after them. With such a mentality I was brought up. I became blind while I was living in England on my own and I had no one to look after me. Now that fear makes sense to me. Life became dark then inwardly and outwardly. The only way out, I thought, was to commit suicide; the pain was too much to continue life. Now I can recognize a lack of awareness of my true self that caused me think and feel that way. Perhaps, the blindness itself did not matter as much as how to continue life and it was this that was killing me. I asked myself, who I was? What is the purpose of my life? I desperately wanted to know this. When the process of awareness formed its power and reality within me, I changed my thoughts and feelings about my disability. I viewed my disability as living in a different way from others but not as disabled. Having had an experiential and experimental life since I’ve become blind makes me strongly believe that human beings have the power to find the right way to live effectively. If we are aware of that power within ourselves, we can face our problems and difficulties. Then, through the help of a self-aware counsellor, the person can find his or her own ability to develop themselves and start to enjoy a life with challenges.

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